Friday, January 15, 2010

Fancy a Bargain?

Cheap runabouts.
None of us like to pay over the odds. We see a bike and immediately think it should be 25 - 50% cheaper. Am I right?

For those afraid of asking the question, Ebay has made it easier than ever to get a bargain. No face-to-face negotiating, just type a quick note and press send. If they decline, too bad and onto the next one. If they accept we start wondering "hmm, what's wrong with it?"

Don't be afraid to get the price down. If the vendor is having none of it, don't worry, another will be along soon.

If you know it's rare, maybe the price reflects that - so don't let pride get in the way if you really want it.

This is the last project I bought. A 1974 CZ 175 for 33 quid. Maybe I was robbed. I never got the chance to make a start on the old Eastern European special because I had to sell it when I moved abroad. Still, one day I'll get another.