Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oil Coolers, Radiators, and Fins.

Cooling... Uber Important!
Having already struggled to clean out the engine cooling fins, today I decided to take a look at the oil cooler. Cosmetically rough, but no leaks, it has a lot of damage to the tiny fins between the oil tubes. Can we fix it? (Bob the Builder could.)

So how does it work?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Bucking Fuckled!

Wheel Balancing on the Cheap!
With new tyres fitted, I'm left somewhat skeptical as to whether the bike shop actually balanced them! I purposely removed the old weights and cleaned the rims before taking the bike down there because they often balance them with the old weights still attached. But now I have a bike with no weights on either wheel. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to get a wheel balance perfectly without weights, but two on the same bike? Hmm.

Enough is enough, it was time to make a static wheel balancer out of the scrap steel and wood hanging around the garage. The only cost to me was the bearings (608Z) which were $9.00 delivered for ten of them! Sorted. 
Now I'll be able to fit my own tyres and balance them for a lot less cost.

Make your own wheel balancer.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

NOS - New Old Stock (Not Nitrous)

Trawling eBay for "NOS"
Don't you just love it, mooching through the pages of NOS stuff on eBay and you find the exact part number you need?

Thirty years on and someone had old 61211-31310 sat amongst their old spares. Unused and on the other side of the world just waiting for the GSX to be brought back into contention.

So, bought and sent from the UK, I now have something to hold the swing arm in the bike. Job jobbed.

And on another note...
Managed to find a company in the UK selling aftermarket brake caliper slide pin rubbers for the GSX. Mine had expanded far beyond useful and I needed new ones to keep the grease in, and the crap out.

Motorcycle Products Ltd. have a massive selection of bike parts and I got 5 rubber boots for fifteen quid. Not bad, it was nearly ten bucks per boot from Suzuki and, as I only needed four, was left with a spare just in case.

So the front calipers are now finished. Another tick in another box. Slide pins move nicely, new pistons, seals and brake pads. Check out these before and after pics.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bleeding Brakes! And worse...

You've replaced everything, but still no brakes!
Don't worry, it's probably an easy fix. Whenever you mess with the hydraulic side of the braking or clutch system, you risk letting in air. What happens? Lots of lever travel, but no braking effort.

So why does it occur, and how do I solve it?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GSX750 ESD - Front Brake Caliper Rebuild.

Brake Servicing.
Before you consider the need to upgrade your existing braking system, is it actually working as the manufacturer intended?

Calipers are often overlooked if they're not leaking, but dirt build-up and corrosion will stop the piston sliding freely. When the piston can't move back and forth easily, not only is it harder to apply braking force, but it will also prevent the brakes from releasing too. They'll run hotter which could mean warped discs and/or brake fluid boiling. 
If the caliper looks dirty, corroded or the pistons are hard to push back, it's time for a clean up and maybe new seals. The calipers on the GSX are way past a simple clean. It's time for major surgery so, once painted, it's time for the new seals and piston...

Caliper Pistons and Seals.