Sunday, February 10, 2013

The $20 Performance Boost For Your Bike!

A quiet word from the fairer sex...

And he finally did it. 

A conversation with a couple of super-quick, R1-riding ladies the other weekend, both ex-CBR600 riders, convinced Bry that a couple more teeth on the rear sprocket was the way to go. Now the CBR6 is no slouch as it is, but that didn't matter, his mind was already ticking over the pros and cons of this cheap performance trick.

Hmm, more acceleration... just what I need to beat Dave's R6...

He checked the gearing on his bike to find out he was already down one tooth on the rear sprocket to start with. Strewth, slower than standard!

Straight to the computer to peruse eBay, and a 520 DID X-ring chain, 15 tooth front sprocket (one down from standard) and an aluminium 44 tooth rear sprocket (one up from standard) was ordered without delay. 

Then I was sworn to secrecy - until now.