Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GSX750 ESD - Front Brake Caliper Rebuild.

Brake Servicing.
Before you consider the need to upgrade your existing braking system, is it actually working as the manufacturer intended?

Calipers are often overlooked if they're not leaking, but dirt build-up and corrosion will stop the piston sliding freely. When the piston can't move back and forth easily, not only is it harder to apply braking force, but it will also prevent the brakes from releasing too. They'll run hotter which could mean warped discs and/or brake fluid boiling. 
If the caliper looks dirty, corroded or the pistons are hard to push back, it's time for a clean up and maybe new seals. The calipers on the GSX are way past a simple clean. It's time for major surgery so, once painted, it's time for the new seals and piston...

Caliper Pistons and Seals.

But this is what we started out with. The rubber boot has expanded and split from oil/brake fluid leaks.

You can see how bad the leaks were on this caliper.

Yet this caliper was dried out and corroding.

The piston popped out of this one easily because it was so wet.

This one took more persuasion. Always use equal pressure from both sides when using levers to coax the pistons out.

Corrosion under the seals will cause the piston to stick which will lead to premature pad wear, hot brakes, boiled fluid and warped discs. Keep them clean and change the brake fluid regularly!

Not so aesthetically pleasing, but now the paint stripper is applied.

Careful preparation and a coat of heat resistant caliper paint can make your calipers look like new again. Definitely worth the effort.