Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parts Cleaning with Vinegar - it ain't just for chips!

Cleaning ya bits.
So what do you reckon?  I'd heard about the wonders of using vinegar on rusted parts to bring them back up like the proverbial shiny pin.  Had to be worth a try, vinegar is as cheap as chips (doh) and the parts could be cleaning themselves while I carry on with more pressing tasks.

So, couple of bottles of Black and Gold white vinegar later, I had a small acid bath in action.

One rusty bolt

I'll check again in a week.

One snag I have come across today when I walked past - saw some fizzing going on in the vinegar and thought "Great, it's doing the job!"

In with the long nosed pliers to grab whatever it was that was fizzing to find the rear brake adjusting nut as clean as a whistle.  Unfortunately, it was aluminium and half the size it should have been!  It was literally crumbling in my hands!  Yes, vinegar is far too strong for alluminium parts so from now on, we'll stick with steel!