Friday, April 16, 2010

Back in the UK

Flew into Heathrow at 3.30pm on Saturday.  Straight out into dad's shed a couple of hours later to see my BSA that's been under wraps for a year and a half.  She was looking good!

Sunday morning I was ready to start.  A new battery was waiting for me courtesy of the component shop on Ebay.

Under a tenner delivered - can't fault it!  A 6V 6AH battery that will fit inside the rubber "Lucas" battery box.  So the seat off and a new battery fitted, it was time for the oil to be sorted. 

The oil that should live in the oil tank had by now made its way down to the sump so draining was necessary.  This was made easy because of the SRM sump plate fitted.  Old oil out, new oil into the tank and we were nearly there.

A gallon of petrol out of dad's jerry can and it time to kick her over - instant success!  Runs like a top and soon the oil was returning to the tank.  Check the charging and she was ready for the MOT on Monday morning.

Monday morning came and a cracking ride up to Beales in Coleford to see John and we soon came away with the necessary document.  What a great feeling to be riding my old BSA again!

On the way home and a quick photo on the way into Staunton.  Days don't get any better than this.