Saturday, November 13, 2010

BSA Electric Starter Kits.

Making my favourite Brit twins even better!
Anyone involved with classic BSA's will have heard about SRM engineering.  Originally formed by Steve McFarlane, SRM was famous for Steve's oil end-feed crank conversions - and still is.  My own BSA A10 had the conversion, along with other cool modifications, when they were still in Cardiff.  

Present day - and while SRM is now in Aberystwyth - Steve remained in Cardiff restoring and repairing classic and modern bikes in his new workshop in Brunswick street.  

Trust me - this guy can fix anything!  The standard of his work is second to none and, where I normally can't stand anyone else touching my bikes, I'm more than happy to let Steve work his magic when I need a rebore, crank regrind etc. (He once repaired a huge hole in the chaincase of my Norton Jubilee and the finish was stunning!)

So what's new?  
Well his latest creation is going to help a lot of classic riders enjoy their bikes well into old age.  A starter motor conversion for your BSA A10, A7, B31, B33 and Gold Star swinging arm models. Starter conversion

This kit is designed to be invisible when fitted - much like the crank feed conversion - and the quality superb.  Steve wouldn't fit it unless it was just right.  Take a look at the pics.

Want to see and hear one in action?  Youtube

What are you waiting for?  Call Steve on 02920 645045 for more details.  

No need to think about selling the old girl now!