Monday, June 24, 2013

Black Animals Special Bikes

Dirty Bastards? Excuse my Italian.
Just like great bikes, great friendships evolve, sometimes from the last place you'd expect, and the old 'two-wheeled bond' is always good.

So who are the Black Animals?
A drunken coming together, mixed up with incoherent chat about building a bike from scratch - probably. But no matter, it was the start of something good and Dan, Mirco and Giovanni began to tear down some unlikely tourers as they began to knock some cafe racers into shape. 
When I say unlikely, I mean old Gold Wings and GSX750ES's (who in their right mind would try and cafe race one of those?), but that's exactly the spirit we need to see in the custom scene. A love of anything two-wheeled, a not too serious attitude and the ability to sink several beers/wines while doing it. (Actually, that's probably the entire custom scene.)

Dan, drunk, again. Trying to ride a Gold Wing van.

Mirco first got in touch with me because of a common interest, the old GSX750ES, yes we both own one (it's just that mine looks like it's been run over by a cement truck, twice). So, with formalities formalised, I was invited to share in the madness that is the Black Animals on Facebook and now enjoy their antics from Italy everyday. Not just great taste in bikes, but music too! Think I need to visit - more wine vicar?

The projects so far

Mirco's GSX750ES

GSX750ES and a cool looking workshop.

Strewth, even the tank is still in good nick.

Mirco trying the GSX out for size.

GSX750ES tail piece. Very impressive!

Dan's Gold Wing

Heavy Metal!

Wish my forks were as straight as that!

Blasted alloy looks so cool!

Great contrast, love those cases!
Giovanni's GSX750

So, why Black Animals?
I was baffled, but then I don't speak Italian. Dan explained:

"this is a lost in translation, as the "black animal" in italian is like saying "dirty bastard" or something like that"

That, my friend, makes it crystal clear and will do for me. Check out their antics at Facebook today.