Sunday, March 8, 2015

Untidy Wiring? Recovering Could Be The Answer.

You can put the insulation tape away too!
It maybe considered pedantic, considering the rest of the bike at the moment, but I didn't like the white, heat resistant (?) sheathing on the wiring from the signal generator. It was torn in places, fraying and looked scruffy - not really the look I was going for (for the wiring at least).
So, with a little bit of looking around on the dock of the eBay, I found some Techflex. A plastic braided sleeve which expands when you push it together so that you can get it over various looms, hoses or cables etc. When it goes back to its original length, it tightens back up and looks great. Worth a shot of anyone's money I thought.

Here's the old covering looking a bit dilapidated. I'd cleaned it up as best I could, but some things have their limits.

I was originally going to tape it back together, but it would've looked crap.

First thing's first, get the multi-plug off. The spade connectors have a small tag which sticks out and stops the wire dropping out of the plug. There are proper tools available for this, but I'm using a pick. With the black wire out, you can see it on the back of the terminal. Take a pic of the multi-plug first so you know where your wires are going afterwards.

You need to push the wire in as far as you can first to release any tension on the tag. Push the tag in with the pick and then pull the terminal out. It can be fiddly so go steady and try not to muller the plug or wire.

Grommet! I'm not swearing. The original half-moon grommet was falling to pieces from heat and age. It appears they can't be bought separately so I wasn't sure what to use. But being as the wires are all out of the plug, I found something that would do the trick and looks pretty good in place. It's one of the rubber mountings from a Hilux/Prado V6 fuel filter. They come with three and I used to save the old ones when changing filters ('cause you never know). Pop the metal insert out and hey presto, one grommet.

While we're in here, let's whack in an extra wire for the oil pressure switch. That was also missing! This poor old thing has seen much abuse over the years, but she's getting there. So the Techflex was pushed over the wiring, some heat shrink to keep the ends tidy and the original plastic sheath for the other end.

It came out looking pretty neat. I also used some heat shrink on some of the wiring retainers bolted to the engine. The original plastic coating was dropping off and they ended up looking pretty good.


Check out the starter cable too. Makes all the difference!