Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KTM 50 Mini Adventure - Rolling Chassis.

While the engine is on the operating table, I thought it would be a good time to check out the rest of the bike. I already knew the rear shock was devoid of any damping whatsoever, but the brakes, wheel bearings, swingarm, steering head bearings and forks also needed a check over.

It didn't take long to realise everything was worn out - this bike has had a hard life.

Lets start at the front. The brake is hard to pull on due to a dry cable and partially seized pivot on the actuating arm. Hopefully a clean and re-grease will cure that.

Time to drop the forks out. One has zero damping, the other isn't too bad. Time for new oil while it's apart. It all comes apart easily, no bent stanchions and no seized bolts - cool as.

Off with the Pro Taper handlebar adaptors to gain access to the top yoke. 

New bearings needed here. They are completely mullered!

Now to the rear. Disconnect the brake cable first, then it's just the spindle.

New bearings and a clean up should sort everything here.

Shoes off, cleaned up, grease the pivot and actuator and good to go again. They're worn but will last a while longer.

Time to knock out the bearings. There is a spacer in between the two bearings which needs to be moved slightly sideways to allow access to the centre of the lowest bearing. Use a good punch to dislodge the spacer, get a good seating on the bearing and give a sharp tap with a hammer. As it moves outwards, the spacer will become very loose and you'll be able to knock the bearing out evenly by moving the punch round to different positions as you tap. Don't just keep tapping in one place because you may damage the hub if the bearing doesn't come out squarely.

Bearings out, time to clean up the drum. Use rough wet and dry, or emery cloth, on the surface of the drum and then clean out any dust/mud with a a rag.

Nearly there, just the shock and the swingarm to remove.

Corroded swingarm pivot. Ideally new bushes and pivot needed, but we'll have to see.

So we need a new shock, wheel bearings, steering head bearings and possibly swingarm bearings. This little bike is going to rip!