Sunday, May 1, 2011

Michelin Power Pure - the verdict.

With the Michelin Pilot Power's finally devoid of grooves, I figured it was time to upgrade. I've been wanting to try the Power Pure's for ages, so $429.00 later (Team Moto Honda, Nerang), I was ready to give them a whirl.

Now the tread pattern isn't as nice as the old Pilot's, but you can't see that when you're riding, and the riding is where it all makes sense. Fantastic from the off!

Normally, when you stick a new pair of boots on your bike, it takes a bit of getting used to; falling suddenly into bends - no more forcing it through the twisties, but not with the Power's. Spot on from the onset. If anything, slower to turn in than the old ones, but with ease and great feel.

Absolutely sublime - they suit the GSXR perfectly. First 80km ride over, and the chicken strips are already gone. Happy with that.

Lighter than their predecessors and now standard with twin-compound technology, I'm enjoying the bike more than ever before. Finally getting my left knee down now too. Successful weekend!