Thursday, May 3, 2012

GSX750ES - Cafe Racer?

A Penchant for the Hardest Projects
Before the DRZ was even picked up - yes, sold on eBay - a new bike was on its way to me. An '83 GSX750ES from a breakers that I decided to put an offer on one night while perusing the motor bicycles of, yes you've guessed it, eBay.

Next morning I get an email asking me to pay. Pay for what? What the hell have I bought now? Oh yes, it's all coming back, happy days!

So it's dropped off on a Friday evening and it's been hammering down with rain all day. The driveway is very steep, loose stone, the bike doesn't run and has no brakes. This should be good. With a neighbour's help, three of us eventually pushed it up into the garage. 

Now the fun starts.

She's done a few miles by the look of this pipe, but hell, GS and GSX bottom ends can withstand zillions of miles - bombproof too by all accounts.

TSCC - the old Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers. Enough to put the fear of the fella upstairs into any of the Hondayamasaki riders! 82HP - come to daddy.

Whoa whoa whoa, back it up, beep beep beep (Seinfeld). Remote preload and damping adjusters back in 1983! Suzuki you rule. I might keep this as a feature when I convert this little beauty into a cafe. On the proviso I can get them to work.

Ye olde Anti-Dive. Never ridden one with this fitted, might keep it attached to see what all the fuss is about. Opinions?

So it needs a little polish, but this bike should be on the road in no time... hmm.

Well there's no point in leaving it in this state. Time to start ripping it to bits, sell the stuff I don't need and build a racer to shoot to the cafe on.