Thursday, June 28, 2012

Suzuki GSX750 ESD Stripdown.

I'd owned it a week, time to get it apart.
Stroll on, this bike has had a hard life! The forks are bent and pitted, the rear suspension hasn't seen grease since it left the Suzuki factory, and the swingarm pivot (16mm thick!) was actually sheared off. 

But that's enough about the good points!

Time to get the camera out and start ripping it to bits.

If you've bought a non-runner, now is a good time to find out why. You don't want to strip an engine during the bike's rebuild just to find out there's nothing actually wrong with it. Likewise, if it's chucking out shedloads of smoke, or giving out a death rattle, you'll have an inkling on what you're up against. 

Try the basics - fit a battery, check for spark, feel for compression, feed it some petrol and hopefully it's a goer!

No rattles, knocks - not even any smoke. That's a good starting point. Now the strip down can take place. More soon.