Sunday, July 1, 2012

It Really Doesn't Take Long...

To Strip Down A Bike.
Within a couple of hours you can reduce most bikes to their individual components. But be methodical, don't rush and use plenty of WD40 on the rusted bits (even heat if necessary). You want everything to come to pieces without being trashed. 

A rusted bolt probably needs a little assistance so don't just use your biggest spanner and round off the head, strip the thread or, worse still, shear it off completely. Take your time now and it'll make it easier, and cheaper, when it's rebuild time.

She ain't winning no beauty contests, but once all this scaffolding is removed she should be a lot lighter. Wrong clocks fitted though. Probably changed when it passed the millionth km.

New stanchions needed, or another set of forks. Time to look on eBay, but that's what caused all this hassle in the first place. The shock absorber looks like it might be ready for the trash too. I'll keep looking, there must be some gold in here somewhere.

The front braking system. They ain't no Brembos, but a clean up, paint and new seals and hopefully reusable. More on this later.

Airbox snorkel is strange, but obviously what they used back in the day. Might get rid of that for some individual K&N's.

I knew I'd find something good somewhere. 
Take a look at this spark plug!

It should be vertical like no. 4! Thankfully they'd only managed to screw it in a couple of threads at this angle. Bit of patience with a plug chaser and all was well. Bring it on!