Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Review

I want new tyres for every ride!
With about 150 km's on the new boots, I'm impressed. The bike feels like its awesome self again. It's probably the same thing we always feel when new tyres are fitted, but today I'm happy!

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2
Tyres don't seem to need running in anymore.
Back in the nineties, the magazines warned you everywhere "Take it steady for the first hundred miles as the oil in the rubber is forced to the surface."
Hmm, whatever's going on in there nowadays doesn't seem to matter because these babies just work from the off. Knee down no problem ten minutes from the shop. Of course, it's always in the back of your mind that you'll slip on the first bend, but not once did they cause any grief.

First run was to the caff - 7 km's of tight bends and the confidence was all conquering. In the words of Paddy McGuinness, "That'll ding dang do for me!"

CBR600RR. The line you can see around the tyre is where the soft section starts.
So three of us handed over the readies to Ari at Team Moto Yamaha in Nerang. He's a top fella and well worth a visit when you need tyres - the cheapest we could find on the Gold Coast. $405 each, fitted to the bike and done in 45 minutes per bike. Can't fault that!
With pressures set at 36psi front and rear, you could soon get them right over and blitz the chicken strips (on the back tyre anyway). The front seems to have that little bit extra in reserve - a complete contrast to the Michelins which seem to go to the edge easily front and rear. Whatever you make of that, it's nice to have that little bit extra when all goes tits up.

The front complete with chicken strips - the shame!

The rear - the aim is to remove "Rosso II"
My first Pirelli's on a road bike and I love 'em! Think I'll go back out for another blast.