Saturday, November 16, 2013

eBay Search Hits The Spot Again!

Search: 11351-31300

Bought a project? Do yourself a favour and make a list of the items you'll definitely need to finish it off. Go to an online parts website and use their microfiche facility to work out the exact part numbers you need and, finally, save your search on eBay.

As the months go by, it's surprising what pops up for sale. I've now picked up a new stator cover for the GSX. That's both front crankcase covers sorted now which is going to finish the engine off nicely.

A big thanks to mcpartssales for packing and sending it so quickly. Great service and proof that those hard to find bits are still hidden away in shops everywhere. If you're looking for anything for your project, give Rod a shout at his eBay store. He's been in the bike trade for over thirty years and is absolutely passionate about finding the elusive bits we all need every now and again. Thanks again mate!