Sunday, April 6, 2014

GSX750ES - Switch Gear

The Intricate bits.
Fiddly, corroded, delicate, but pretty simple to bring up as good as new. Having temporarily misplaced the lefthand switch, I set into its better half. 
Apart from the throttle tube, the righthand side contains the light, starter and kill switches, and all were working ok previously. The red plastic of the kill switch has, unfortunately, faded to pink, so I've decided to paint it in satin black to keep it low key. The lettering will also be left in black (at this stage) because I don't want to draw attention to it. Of course, I may change my mind on this later on. But, without further ado, here's what it looked like.

The idea is to strip it completely, clean up the switches/contacts, paint the body and and get it looking presentable.

Take pictures! There are six tiny screws in total holding various brackets etc., and when it's time for reassembly you'll be glad you did - i was anyway.

Everything, bar the throttle cable, came apart easily. No corroded/rounded off screws so it's probably the first time it's been apart since leaving Japan.

Looks worse inside that it was. Fair play, they're well built bits of kit. Plenty of drain holes in the bottom allow any water to run straight through. I had to resort to heat to remove the plastic threaded section of the throttle cable. It was solid! Although the knurled part is now damaged, the cable is still usable.

Starting to look a little better. A bit of filing, wet & dry, wire brushes. The wires, multi plug and switches were all cleaned up in various ways including Jif, CLR, scourers and contact cleaner. A bit of time and it was looking respectable. The throttle cable was cleaned/freed up with WD, and finished with engine oil. It actually runs smoothly. I'll probably use it to start with and see how it performs.

Some of the smaller bits including starter switch and light switch control.

The thread for the throttle cable was a little gummed up so a little cleaning up was required. It's the same thread as a 14mm spark plug (14x1.25) - sorted.

After a good clean up with brake clean, they're ready for paint. Try to elevate parts so there is clear gap underneath. It allows the paint to cover right to the edge, prevents spray being bounced back up, and dust being blown onto the surface.

Satin black caliper paint as per. No primer required.

Kill switch now in black too. The understated look.

A couple of stainless M5 screws to hold it together and it was reassembled. A finicky job and I was glad to have the camera on hand to look at the before pics.

Not bad in fairness, now where the hell did I put the other one?