Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunrise - It's a Little Bit Special.

Took an early one this morning.
5.45am, kit up, sneak quietly into the garage, bike off paddock stands, open garage, push bike outside, roll down the drive and hit the starter button. Second gear snicked in, and head out across the top of the mountain. It's stunning out here!
With the sun due to come up at 5.57am, it's still too dark for the visor, but the temperature at this time of the year is just right. Happy rolling along at 60km/h while the petrol light flashes at me on the Gixer's dash, I'm soon at the perfect spot.

Perfect being this...

Now that's a sunrise!

 Daylight's here and time for breakfast. Down to Café Metz for a bacon and egg roll and a mug of the old flat white - all for ten bucks! Bring it on brother.

Sat on the veranda at Café Metz as Dave rolls into town on the Superduke. The service here is fast, the food cracking and the prices unreal. If you're riding through Canungra, you'd be well advised to grab a bite here.

Plenty of space to park out on the road, and a car park behind the café, there's never any grief getting a spot. Happy days.

Fill up with fuel, ride out to the Bearded Dragon and up the back of Mt. Tamborine. Like most mountain climbs, this road is a peach. Through North Tamborine and down the Goat track, past the Kokoda barracks and home the same way. With a thunder storm due for this afternoon, it looks like a morning ride was the right idea.