Saturday, November 15, 2014

Met the MECGC at the Metz!

Brit twins, and others...
With the boys either not allowed to ride today, or hungover, I cruised down to Canungra for Breakfast on my tod. Saw a few familiar faces, ordered the usual bacon and egg roll and obligatory flat white, and settled down to read Classic Bike. Once consumed, I was ready to head off and take in the views before it got too hot (they're expecting 41°C today, oof).

Strolling into the car park and someone's trying to negotiate a Norton twin into the spot next to the Gixer; and there's me wearing a Norton T-shirt, carrying Classic Bike. Got chatting about Brit twins etc., and found out it was a club ride for the Gold Coast's Motorcycle Enthusiast's Club. Met a few others, some on modern bikes, and took a few pics. It's days like these I wish the Beesa was here. 

Still with a '97 British tax disc in place!

Nice selection of bikes guys!

Then it was off home to get a bit done on the GSX, or maybe the '81 XR80 that's just turned up for a bit of TLC. Thought I'd have a quick look at the leaking fuel tank first. Could be as simple as a quick patch welded into the bottom... but no. With the fuel tap connection brazed in place, it might have to have a tank sealer poured in instead. As soon as any of that bottom section is welded, the brazed area is bound to fail. 

What's the equivalent to Petseal out here?