Monday, June 20, 2016

Fast From The Past — Awesome Place!

While perusing the internet the other day for a Paulo Tarozzi fork brace I, quite luckily, happened across this place — Fast From The Past

And I found they are an absolute goldmine for old race bikes, cafe racers etc. because they carry those quality parts that are hard to find. Often you find a shop that only carries certain items for a few bikes, and my GSX often comes up lacking.
But here, a fork brace for the GSX750ES is just one of hundreds of different types available, all at realistic prices. And, once ordered, it was delivered to me in Australia in around a week. Nicely done.

How retro is that box? Love it!

With so much Chinese junk flooding the market nowadays, very few places seem to carry the proper stuff. And where you can sometimes get away with some of the cheaper made parts, steering and braking components cannot be risked. I tried a Chinese brake fluid reservoir from eBay and it was utter crap (I honestly didn't think they could mess it up quite so badly). Lesson learned.

But at the other end of the spectrum, we have components like this. Good quality, looks great and fits well. Job jobbed. 
And they have so much for the cafe racer builder — stanchions, anti-dive bypasses, offset sprockets, gauges — the list goes on.

Part number 24-0017 for the '83-'84 GSX750ES, currently at US$99 and worth every cent.

Fitting (is easy).
  1. Use a small screwdriver to carefully lever up the fork rubbers, and then a 5mm allen key to undo the screws.
  2. Remove all the screws from the brace and loosely bolt the the two halves together around each fork leg. 
  3. Drop in the centre plate and fit all bolts. 
  4. Tighten up the clamps around each fork first, and then tighten the centre four bolts in a clockwise sequence.
  5. Finally, pull the rubbers back down and push them over the fork brace itself and you're done!

It feels so good when something "just fits". No manipulation, no filing, drilling or cutting. Best of all it looks bloody brilliant!

So a big thanks to Fast From The Past for the great service and quality parts, 'cause that's what saves the heartache in the long run!