Thursday, June 17, 2010

Engine strip continued.

Time for the clutch.  This is a slightly different setup compared to the average Japanese bike.  Normally the pressure plate can be removed and the plates taken out but on the Rotax engine, the aluminium hub needs to removed too.
First remove the six screws from the pressure plate.

Now remove the plate and the springs behind it.

This leaves the centre nut and its tab washer.  Hit the tab back with a chisel and a hammer and remove the nut.  You'll need a clutch locking tool to lock the hub and clutch basket together unless you have access to an air gun.  Luckily I have an air gun!

Now the centre hub can be lifted out.

The plates can now be pulled out together.  Just as well because these are stuck together.

The clutch basket can now be removed, taking care with the order of the bearings, shims/spacers etc. on the gearbox shaft.  Refit them into the basket in the correct order and put a zip tie around to keep them in place.  If the engine is apart for several months, you'll be glad you did.

One clutch removed.  Next we'll get the kickstart ratchet, idler gear and disc valve cover out.