Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Engine strip time!

I was going to leave it until the frame had been painted but couldn't resist a little peek inside.

As you can imagine, some of the Allen bolts were tight/corroded and were difficult to get moving.  When undoing any Allen bolts, make sure any crud is removed from the socket head and that the Allen key fits properly.  The Allen key/driver must bottom out in the fastener or it will slip and it's all too easy to round off the inside, then be left with drilling the head off - a pain anyone can do without.

The first surprise -  no oil pump!  Plenty of corrosion though.

Time for some warmth.  Magnesium cases so plenty of care too.  It's surprising how gentle heating can free up the bolts.

And considering the water content, not in bad fettle.  The oil pump drive on the inside of the cover would have been getting a hard time without the oil pump to hold it in line.  In fairness, I'm impressed so far.