Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Engine strip... yet more.

The clutch is off, the kickstart ratchet and idler gear exposed... so let's delve deeper.

The emulsified oil left in the gearbox has actually kept the internals fairly well protected.  Nothing horrendous as yet.

The kickstart stop screw can be seen poking through here.  It has a 17mm hexagon head and does look like a sump plug from underneath.  If you undo it to drain the oil, the kickstart ratchet is immediately released!  Always remember to undo the Allen bolt sump plug when changing the oil.

That leaves us with the disc valve cover.  The little plastic gear (oil pump drive) in the centre of the crank unscrews by hand.  Then it's time for the air gun to remove the crank nut and gear.

The disc cover is held by four screws, but take a little care when removing because they are always very tight.  An impact screwdriver is probably the best way to remove these after so long.

One disc valve.  The rusty stains actually wiped off with a rag and WD40!  The crankcase surface the valve runs on is in excellent shape too.  Just a little light pitting, and for Magnesium cases, that's pretty good.