Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mixing paints - I knew it would happen!!!!

So the oil pump cover was painted.  Job jobbed, but then I wasn't happy with the gloss and decided satin would be the better finish.  Satin paint would also hide the light pitting in the cases.  Flatting them with 120 grit wet and dry has helped, and considering they are 35 years old, they aren't too bad... anyway, off to see Angus at Cheapa Auto Spares and the supplies were bought. 

VHT Engine Enamel in satin black as recommended by Davey
Autosol to polish up the aluminium bits and bobs
600 wet and dry to flat the oil pump cover painted a week earlier.

I set to work on the cover quick smart.  Flatted it off with water and the 600 paper and soon had it ready for painting.  Any shiny bits were keyed up with a scourer and a final degrease with brake cleaner before it was ready for another coat.  A light dust coat to start with but before I could even walk away, the reaction started!  The VHT reacted with the Sperex and I was faced with rubbing it back to bare metal again - oh how I laughed.

An hour later, the gloopy mess was cleaned off and I was ready to start again.  Still, now I was ready to paint the clutch and the oil pump cover.