Sunday, July 4, 2010

Results spur you on

This is what restoration is all about.  Taking something that looks fit for the bin and bringing it back to life. The clutch cover.

A quick wire brush, a rub with some wet and dry and I reckon it'll be ready.  Nearly.

Oil pump drive removed along with the clutch actuating mechanism.  The inside of the cover is in superb condition!  The outside not so.  Time for the Dremel fitted with a tiny wire brush.

The Dremel did the business - now for the paint.  This time I armed myself with paint stripper.  

Fantastic stuff!  Just need a scraper (plastic filler spreader is ideal because it won't scratch the metal) and we're away.  Better to wear gloves when doing this because that stuff stings a bit!

Time for the 120 grit wet and dry and a wash in the sink while no-one's about... 'looks around nervously'.

Time to get back in the garage before I get found out.

It's a good idea to clean out all of the threads.  Corrosion, instant gasket (silicone) and damaged threads all cause havoc when rebuilding so sort it out as you go along.  A good tap and die set is a must when restoring.

Right, let's give it a whirl.

That'll ding dang do for me.  Just needs the paint rubbing off the letters and it'll be right.

Not too bad to be fair.  Time to make a start on the stator cover.