Monday, July 26, 2010

New chain and sprockets for the GSXR

It was time.  I'd been putting it off for a while and I was getting fed up with having to adjust the chain on the GSXR after every ride!  

New sprockets were ordered from - the chain I already had waiting.

Vortex front sprocket, 17 tooth (standard)
Driven rear sprocket,  43 tooth (1 tooth more - K7 gearing)
DID Gold X-ring 530 chain.

I'm not changing the gearing too much, but this will give the K6 that slight extra snap in acceleration and the wheelbase is also reduced.  Wheelies should be easier than ever. After removing a few links from the chain, the adjusters are all the way forward. 

The black, stealth sprocket is looking good.  The hollow rivets in the chain link have mushroomed nicely with the rivet tool.  We are green for go.  Early morning ride coming up and hopefully no more of this constant adjusting!