Monday, February 1, 2016

Bloody Exhausted! (I'm so funny...Suzuki GSX Humour).

Link Pipes Done.
With the merge collector done, I needed to make the links to the reverse cone mega's. I decided to cut up loads of little sections of stainless pipe to get the correct angles for the link pipes. I could have done it with fewer, longer sections but decided the "loads of welds look" was the way forward. Maybe, when you know how to get the pretty colouring of welds to work for you, but it looks like a jumbled mess now. 

Still, it's on and the bike sounds bloody great! And it was a good experience too, giving me plenty of ideas for the next go, and that's how we learn. I've been wondering how the bike would sound for ages, and I'm not disappointed. You can hear it in a video at the end...

So I started with some 180° bends which I cut into small pieces. There was no accuracy involved with measuring, marking and suchlike, just straight in with the hacksaw to make different sizes. 

They were then deburred and finished with 180 grit wet & dry. A much better look on stainless in my opinion.

I positioned the left silencer where I wanted it, put on my merge collector and placed the sections together to form a link. Holding them in line by hand, I marked them all with a pen and tacked them together. Before I welded them up I double checked to see if they fitted ok.

Fits a treat. Now for the hard part, joining the right side up and try to match the position of the mega's.

Using bricks to get the correct height and distance apart, I set about trying to get the curves into position. This time I used masking tape to hold them. 

When you have good fitment and can use both hands on the torch, the welding stays neat. Slight gaps need filler rod and they start to look messy. I still need plenty of practise, but learn more and more each time I join something together.

Nearly finished. Yes I used far more sections than I needed but it was the look I was after, and experience. Still need some spring tabs so I can hold this bad boy onto the headers but, no hurry, it's going nowhere. Overall, I'm pleased with the result, especially for a first effort.

Take a listen — I love it! The engine sounds absolutely superb, considering what I found inside, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. Next job, finish seat and side panels I guess.