Thursday, February 25, 2016

Omnia Racing Headlamps... Cool Quality.

A BIG thumbs up!
I saw a CBR600 street fighter doing the rounds on one of the forums lately and, to be fair, it was a nice build. What really stood out for me was the headlamp — not in the "cheap, Chinese, badly-finished rubbish" type of way, but more "Buy Me Now! I am the quality you look for" — so I asked the owner of the bike where I could get one. 

As he looked at me, I could see his face contorted with pained expression. He gave a quick glance over his shoulders to check for eavesdroppers nearby, and he slowly whispered the words Omnia Racing... I looked behind me, was about to ask more, but he was gone.

So I started looking online. Based in Italy, with an impressive website full of expensive bike exotica, they also had an eBay store and I found just the unit to set off my GSX in a way that would somehow complement the odd-shaped ESD tank, along with my crudely knocked together tailpiece. Sort of.

Getting exactly what you paid for.
There's just too much junk on eBay and the ridiculously low-priced stuff from China sucks people in all the time. I originally bought a classic-style, round headlight because I was going with the looks of an eighties bruiser. Unfortunately, there was no way I would've fitted it to anything because the finish was utter crap. It still sits in the garage as a reminder to pay that little bit extra for something like this.

The light, the bolts and brackets all exude quality, all fit really nicely and look great on the bike. Four rubber mountings keep the vibration at bay. Even better, the light is currently on sale and arrived in Australia within days. Very pleased!

I needed to quickly CNC some brackets out of some aluminium sheet and, when I say CNC, I mean using a jigsaw and file. Basic shapes, as ever, were made in card and then transferred to the proper stuff.

The clocks may well bolt to this bracket too as it is rubber mounted. The plate around the ignition barrel will be the clock surround.

The Koala Clock Mount (patented).
The basic shape of the surround turned out to mimic the local wildlife. Not sure if that's to do with my surroundings or not. Still needs the holes cut out for the mini clocks but that's still up in the air at the moment. More about that later when I find some clocks that work at a reasonable cost.

The lower mount for the headlamp will bolt straight to the bottom yolk (triple clamp) where the brake line splitter lives. Again, it was made in card and then butchered out of a sheet of ally. 

It will probably end up painted black, but for now is given the brushed look with 180 grit wet & dry. Again, rubber mounted to prevent the aluminium cracking with the bike's vibes.

Overall, very pleased with the result and a big thanks to Omnia Racing for the superb service. 

More soon, with a handy tip to remove seized pilot/mixture screws from Mikuni CV carbs.