Friday, January 27, 2023

Yamaha FZ750 Restoration - Burleigh Powder Coating.

The Frame is Back!

True to their word, less than a fortnight later and I got the call that it was ready to pick up. I was slightly apprehensive due to the fact that the rust was pretty bad, with heavy pitting. When you don't get to see what's left after blasting, it's always a worry. It's not cheap either. 

Would I have been better off with a wire brush in a drill and using aerosols? 😟 That would have taken forever as it's a big, complex frame. And the results are never the same when spraying a frame, overspray always dulling one side etc.

The powder coating on the BSA frame is still superb after thirty years, so I'd pretty much made my choice.

First, a wee recap. She was looking a little worse for wear...

The photos actually make it look far better than it was. Brake fluid had taken paint off in some places, rust had started taking over everywhere else. The centre stand looked like it had been dragged up from the Titanic.

So, was I happy?

Damn straight, I'm over the moon, it looks absolutely stunning! This was a far better result than I was expecting. I couldn't be happier with the finish and the centre stand looks like a new old stock item. 

Loads of pics coming up next because I'm so impressed. If you're on the Gold Coast, Australia, I could not recommend Burleigh Powder Coating enough! 

The fan shroud looks amazing, there was no paint on it at all before, just rust. I considered cleaning it up and painting it myself. I'm glad I left it with these guys.

They masked off the headstock for me, so not much to rub smooth before the bearings go in.

I am so bloody pleased with this. All threads will be cleaned out with a tap before attempting to put the bike together. 

Ooh, there's lots to do now, and no excuses! This frame needs its bits back on, I'm accumulating new parts all the time and I really want to ride it.

Cost? Worth every cent. 

More soon folks...


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